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What a week this has been for me. I got a job, but it’s temporary. But don’t worry, I will still be focusing on this blog too. I have not forgotten it.

Bobby Vee - Rubber Ball

"Rubber Ball"-Bobby Vee

Top 5 Paul Anka Songs


From the 50s to the 21st century, Paul Anka has been one of pop music’s greatest male singers. This month, we take a look at the top 5 songs from the Canadian crooner and songwriter.

http://www.vintagemusic.es/imagenes/image/Caratulas/paulanka103.jpg5. Lonely Boy

It was 1959, and no teen idol at the time owned the charts than he did, with songs like this. "I’m just a lonely boy/lonely and blue/I’m all alone/with nothing to do," he sings as the song deals with an experience of loneliness and isolation. Hearing him sing this made you want to be near him and give comfort.

4. My Way   http://www.45vinylvidivici.net/SEVENTIESimages%20(ac)/anka%20paul140370.jpg

In 1968, Anka wrote the english lyrics of a french tune, "Comme d’Habitude". Written by Claude Francois, he re-named the title "My Way", and offered the song to Frank Sinatra. It became his signature tune and a show biz anthem.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d0/Diana_(song).jpg3. Diana

An ode to unrequited love, Anka wrote the song based on his babysitter, Diana Ayoub. It would be the first of many hit singles he would go on to write and produce.

http://www.rock-ola.be/hoes-an/anka,%20paul/paul%20anka%2010040.jpg 2. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Who can resist this lovely tune? Just listen to this, and you will understand why it quickly has become one of the most romantic love songs of all time.

1. Puppy Love http://joetroiano.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/paul-anka-3.jpg

Written for his girlfriend at the time, Annette Funicello, it was the teen ballad to end all teen love songs, this song describes about how important young love is. "And they called it, puppy love. Oh I’ll guess they’ll never know." The lyrics couldn’t be that farther from the truth.

The Banana Splits - Tra La La (Banana Splits Theme)

"Tra La La (Banana Splits Theme)"-The Banana Splits

Sixto Rodriguez - Crucify Your Mind
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"Crucify Your Mind"-Sixto Rodriguez

Sixto Rodriguez on the Spanish Rolling Stone

Sixto Rodriguez on the Spanish Rolling Stone

Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By
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"As Tears Go By"-Marianne Faithfull